From across campus and around the world, CALS was well-represented in #UWRightNow

George Roemer in Afghanistan, one of many contributors representing CALS in last week's #UWRightNow project.

From across campus and across the world, CALS students, alums, faculty and staff were all over last week’s 24-hour slice-of-life social mediathon known as #UWRightNow.

One of the faraway contributions came from the Mideast:

“As a graduate of CALS I have had numerous opportunities to work in some capacity with international agriculture. I’m currently in Afghanistan working for USAID in as a Field Program Officer. Today I got to see some poppy plants taken as evidence in the ongoing eradication program in this area. Thanks to all who inspired and mentored me at Madison,” emailed George Roemer, a 1970 dairy science grad.

Closer to  home, a multi-tasking student tweeted: “Listening to a biochem lecture while waiting for bugs to be good and dead for my entomology project.”

Here are a few more examples:

If you know other good ones, let us know.

Novel as it was, there was a serious purpose to this project. UW Admissions is using the #UWRightNow site as tool for promoting the UW to prospective students. Congratulations to staff at University Communications for coming up with the idea and doing the round-the-clock work to make it happen.