Weds. nite: Learn about Biochem’s John Steuart Curry murals, their restoration and the story they tell

An interesting way to spend Leap Day evening: Hear about the famous John Steuart Curry murals in the Biochemistry building, the Vitamin D story they depict, and how they were restored.

February 29, 2012, 7 to 8:15 p.m., 1125 Biochemistry, 420 Henry Mall

Shining Light: The Saga of Vitamin D & The Restoration of the John Steuart Curry Murals in the Newly-Renovated Old Biochemistry Building. Dave Nelson speaks about the history of the discovery of vitamins at UW–Madison, including work by Stephen Babcock, E.B. Hart, Harry Steenbock, and E.V. McCollum, who are among those depicted in the Curry mural “The Social Benefits of Research in Biochemistry,” one of the murals in the Biochemistry Building.

Cultivating Citizens: John Steuart Curry at the University of Wisconsin. Laura Kroiz, Department of Art History, talks about the ways Curry and others in the College of Agriculture aimed to cultivate citizens in Wisconsin through visual art. Go here for more info about the event.

The Department of Biochemistry went to great lengths to preserve and restore the murals with infrastructure updates to the entire area surrounding the art work. Robin would be happy to facilitate a tour (aside from the Wednesday Night@the Lab event) for anyone interested. You can view high res images at