Needed: New members for CALS Committee on Academic Staff Issues

The CALS Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) is currently looking for a few new members for the committee.

In 1997, the Academic Staff Executive Committee passed a recommendation that CASIs be established.  The CALS CASI is intended to provide academic staff ideas and input at the level of Colleges, Schools, and Divisions.

The CALS CASI was structured to represent the major groupings of academic staff at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  CALS CASI Subcommittees have also been established to work on specific issues important to the interests of academic staff.  Individuals who wish to share concerns or ideas are encouraged to contact ward representatives or subcommittee members.

CALS CASI meetings are held monthly and each member serves a three-year term.  For more information, please visit:

Please contact Angie Seitler ( if you are interested in becoming a member of the CALS CASI Committee or if you have any questions.