CALS in the News for the Week of January 30 – February 3

In the News

Wolf hunting bill goes too far, scientists tell lawmakers
Wisconsin State Journal 2/1/2012
Mentioned: Tim Van Deelen, Forest & Wildlife Ecology

Hearing at the Capitol to address wolf hunting season
Wisconsin State Journal 1/31/2012
Mentioned: Tim Van Deelen, Forest & Wildlife Ecology

Giving ethanol a good name: Advocates tout increase in production, jobs for state
Wisconsin State Journal 1/31/2012
Quoted: John Greeler, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

Ag outlook conferences provides glimpse of 2012
The Country Today 2/1/2012
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Center for Dairy Profitability
Quoted: Bruce Jones, Agricultural & Applied Economics

Plans underway to revitalize Babcock Hall and CDR
Wisconsin State Farmer 2/2/2012
Quoted: John Lucey, Center for Dairy Research

Stephenson: Wisconsin milk price to decrease in 2012, feed prices to remain high
Agri-View 2/2/2012
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Center for Dairy Profitability

Dane County clearinghouse would help area farmers find buyers
Wisconsin State Journal 2/1/2012
Mentioned: UW Center for Cooperatives

USDA Chagnes Seed Planting Zone Maps
WISC-TV 3/Channel (Video)
Quoted: Laura Jull, Horticulture

Polk County 4-H Team Tops Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest
Wisconsin Ag Connection 2/2/2012
Quoted: Beth Heinze, Dairy Science

UW-Extension offers Dairy Herd Health Clinic
Agri-View 2/2/2012
Mentioned: Randy Shaver, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Pamela Ruegg, Dairy Science

Meat Animal Project webinars coming up in February and March
Agri-View 2/2/2012
Mentioned: Bernie O’Rourke, Animal Sciences
Mentioned: Ron Russell, Animal Sciences
Mentioned: Claire Mikolayunas, Animal Sciences

Central Wisconsin Forage Council meets Feb. 15
Agri-View 2/2/2012
Mentioned: Mark Renz, Agronomy

Of Interest

Panel defends call to censor bird flu studies
Reuters 1/31/2012

Raw Milk from Pa. Farm Sickens 35
ABC News 2/3/2012

USDA awards $40 million grants to boost local farm/food projects
Reuters 2/3/2012

Company eyes expansion for mega-dairy farm planned in Adams County
Wisconsin Rapids Tribune/Central Wisconsin Business 2/2/2012

Wisconsin Veggie Crops Had a Good Year in 2011
Wisconsin Ag Connection 1/31/2012