Dean Tracy: Less state support, higher tuition could jeopardize the future of rural communities

Less state support for the UW means higher tuition, and that could be particularly burdensome for prospective students from rural communities, says Bill Tracy, CALS Interim Dean

“When the state fails to support the university, the university gets the needed revenue by charging students and their families more. This is a pretty straightforward relationship, but I am not sure that the implications are always clear,” Tracy says in a column titled Supporting Our Future written for the WALSAA Express and reprinted here in the Sifting and Winnowing blog.

“Here at CALS, we are especially aware of the effects on Wisconsin’s rural families. Rural per capita income is 20 percent less than in metropolitan areas, and 40 percent of CALS students demonstrate significant financial need. What is the future for CALS if a greater proportion of kids interested in careers in agriculture and natural resources cannot afford to come to Madison? Indeed, what is the future of Wisconsin’s rural communities?”