MatLab software now available to CALS for free

MatLab is a numerical computing environment with millions of users across academia and industry. The latest release, MatLab R2011b and 20+ toolboxes, is now available through CALS IT, running on a central license server with concurrent licenses.

Throughout CALS, MatLab is currently scattered among many single- and small-group installations, with many older versions and restricted access to desired toolboxes. This new college-wide set of concurrent licenses is expected to improve accessibility for CALS faculty and staff, drive down software costs per use and user, and reduce redundancy of IT staff managing license servers in multiple locations.

Downloads for PC, Mac and Linux are available through At present, download and use require an internet connection from within the wired networks associated with CALS units. Use of NetIDs from all networked locations instead of wired network addresses as identifiers is in the works.

The availability of this software title is part of a larger pilot program running concurrent licenses, with Computer-Aided Engineering, DoIT and the Grad School as partners. SigmaPlot v12.2 is also available to CALS faculty, staff, and students. Additional titles will be added and requests are invited. (Unfortunately, SAS and Adobe both present licensing difficulties for concurrent license service.)

Users with current MatLab versions are encouraged to contact to discuss adding their licenses to the college pool. We are also interested in learning of any existing MatLab license servers being decommissioned as a consequence of this CALS service.

Phillip Barak
Professor, Dept of Soil Science
Interim IT Director, CALS