UW archive photos: ag student life a century ago

Recently posted by UW Archives: The Frank N. Campbell Lantern Slide Collection. Campbell was the assistant director of the Cooperative Agricultural Extension Service in charge of Wisconsin 4-H Club work in the early to mid-20th century. What’s posted is a selection of slides taken from Frank N. Campbell’s archived teaching slides.

This selection of slides illustrates some of the curriculum, campus resources and student experiences a UW (Madison) student could expect as an agricultural student in the early part of the last century. The lantern slide was the first photographic medium that allowed large groups of people to view slides at once. It was used in the university setting to illustrate the material of countless lectures. The completed slide was housed in a projection lantern and the image then projected against a wall or screen for mass viewing.  It was a popular medium from its invention in 1849 up until the 1950s when smaller transparencies became cheap and popular.

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