Six ways to share your Wisconsin Idea story and personal UW connection

More than 100 years ago the concept of “The Wisconsin Idea” came into being, a phrase coined to express our collective values and UW-Madison’s unique commitment to collaborate with the people of Wisconsin, sharing knowledge and resources in order to improve lives everywhere.

To celebrate this important milestone, the UW-Madison has designated 2011-2012 “The Year of The Wisconsin Idea.” In keeping with the spirit of this treasured concept, we invite everyone to engage in a dialog of what the Wisconsin Idea is today, what it means to you, and what it might be in the future. We hope you will take a moment to share your “Wisconsin Idea” story and your personal connection to UW-Madison!

  1. Tag your Wisconsin Idea‑related events on the UW-Madison calendar using the tag Wisconsin Idea
  2. Submit your work to the Wisconsin Idea In Action database
  3. Follow @WisIdea on Twitter!/search/WisIdea
  4. Tweet your own story with #wisidea
  5. Post your favorite Wisconsin Idea story, and encourage your partners and students to do the same <>
  6. Mark your related events with the logo <>

Look for “The Wisconsin Idea Storybooth” at the CPO Network’s Wisconsin Idea Symposium on Nov 11 

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