WID offers grad fellowship related to science outreach or bioethics

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery has a graduate fellowship available and is in search of applicants.  They’re looking for applicants with:

  • some aspect of the science or public outreach activities conducted at Discovery (go here to learn about WID scientific projects and outreach activities), or
  • ethical, legal and policy issues raised by public‐private research partnerships.

Applicants may be Ph.D. students or recent Ph.D. recipients, medical students, M.P.H. students or individuals pursuing advanced degrees in law (LL.M. or S.J.D.).Ph.D. students applying for the graduate student fellowship must have passed their qualifying or comprehensive examinations and been promoted to dissertator status by October 2011.There’s no hard deadline but they will be reviewing applications on July 25th.  Please see the attachment for more information or contact:

Pilar Ossorio
Associate Professor of Law and Bioethics
608.263.4387 (Law School)
608.316.4650 (Morgridge)