Bucky’s Butchery is ready to fill your grill

Bucky’s Butchery will open this week on both Wednesday and Friday from 11a.m.–3 p.m.

GROUND LAMB      $6.00/lb

*Sirloin Steaks                    $6.50/lb
*T-Bone Steaks                   $8.50/lb
*Strip Steaks                        $8.50/lb
*Porterhouse Steaks         $9.00/lb
*Pork Chops                        $3.00/lb
*Pork Blade Steaks            $1.75/lb
*Pork Chorizo                     $2.75/lb

Also this week:
*Summer Sausage                                                 $3.00 each
*Deli Ham                                                                  $2.50 per 8oz package
*Ham Center Slices                                                $2.50/lb
*Smoked Ham Shank & Butt Portions              $1.60/lb

We also have a variety of Lamb in stock (legs, shoulders, chops, shanks)! As well as a number of Pork and Beef Roasts!

Unfortunately, we are out of ground beef.

The store is in the Meat Science and Muscle Biology Building, which is located between the dairy barns and the white foot bridge crossing University Avenue. Bucky’s Butchery and the UW Meat Lab are operated by a team of 10-15 undergraduate employees as a way to gain extensive experience in many facets of the meat industry including cutting and processing meat.