HHMI Teaching Fellows Program: Call for applications

We are looking for postdocs and graduate students with a passion for science and teaching!

HHMI Teaching Fellows Program aims to bring the rigor and spirit of scientific research to teaching. You will learn how to engage students in active learning, address issues of diversity & inclusivity, and assess learning outcomes. Through this program you will create, teach, evaluate and disseminate a ‘teachable unit’ for undergraduate biology. In addition, you will build a community of scientific teachers that is grounded in peer review and maintains high standards of pedagogy, scientific content, presentation, and creativity. At the end of the program, materials will be published online.

Fall 2011. In the fall semester, you will partner with a course instructor to develop instructional materials that solve a teaching/learning challenge in a UW-Madison biological science course.

In addition, you attend two 1 credit seminars (2 hours/week) on teaching biology and instructional materials development.

Spring 2012. In the spring semester, you will teach your materials to undergraduates and evaluate their learning. You will evaluate your own teaching and teachable unit as well.

Your instructional materials will be published online in the scientific teaching digital library at the end of the program. You will also attend a 1-credit seminar on teaching and professional development

To Apply:

  • Complete the online application. You will be asked to upload a statement about your philosophy of teaching ((1-2 pages)), and a your resume or curriculum vitae (1-2 Pages) with research, teaching, and mentoring experience.
  • Have your advisor fill out the FacultyAdviser Confirmation
  • The deadline for the application is August 1, 2011. Both forms must be completed by August 1 for consideration of your application

For more information, please contact Sarah Miller,

Go here to apply online here.

Go here for a more detailed description of the program