2011-12 CALS Ambassadors announced

The College is pleased to announce the 2011-12 CALS Ambassadors. CALS received many outstanding applications for the program, and 23 current undergraduate students will serve on this team of undergraduate leaders. Those selected, and their majors, include:

  • Rachael Baird, Genetics and Certificate in Global Health
  • Lara Bower, Biology
  • Erika Cardenas, Wildlife Ecology
  • Tara Centeno, Biology (Neurobiology)
  • Ron Crandall, Genetics
  • Mackenzie Fochs, Horticulture/Life Sciences Communication
  • Taylor Fritsch, Agricultural & Applied Economics/Life Sciences Communication
  • Catherine Harris, Community and Environmental Sociology/Music Performance
  • Kathleen Keene, Wildlife Ecology
  • Megan Knorn, Dairy Science
  • Ellie Krueger, Biology
  • Aisha Liebenow, Biochemistry
  • Lily Mank, Animal Science
  • Eric Mauer, Biochemistry
  • Kayla McKaveney, Biochemistry
  • Duane Myklejord, Biology
  • Ashley Nimtz, Dairy Science/Life Sciences Communication/Agronomy
  • Ryan Peterson, Agricultural Business Management
  • Jordan Riley, Agricultural & Applied Economics/Life Sciences Communication
  • Bryan Rowntree, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Ashley Schmitting, Biochemistry/Spanish
  • Lauryn Vanderwerff, Animal Science
  • Jared Wendt, Food Science

The CALS Ambassadors work with the Undergraduate Programs and Services Office to provide prospective students and their families with a student’s perspective on CALS. To this end they organize and participate in many events throughout the year, including CALS Visit Day, assisting at the WALSAA Fire-Up, providing tours of CALS campus to prospective students and their families, visiting high schools to promote CALS, and hosting CALS booths at various events throughout the year.

The team will be led by President Ashley Schmitting; Vice-President Jared Wendt; Secretary Catherine Harris; and Public Relations Director Ron Crandall. The team is advised by Director of Prospective Student Services Jessie Potterton.

The CALS Ambassador program receives generous funding support from the Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association (WALSAA). That support helps cover the costs of the Ambassadors polo shirts and nametags, travel to high schools, orientation and training off-campus before the school year begins, and snacks at the monthly meetings.