Remember to update your voice mail this week

Whether you are a current or potential UW-Madison voice mail user, our new service offers a number of features to make your work easier and more efficient. All at the same low monthly price.

You can find out all about it by viewing the short screencast here.

Current UW-Madison voice mail users should upgrade by following the simple steps outlined here. Please do this between 8:00 am on Monday, May 2 and 4:00 pm on Friday, May 6. Initializing your new mailbox will not convert you immediately to the new voice mail system. Another step will be done by Voice Services and AT&T over the weekend of May 7-8 to complete the process. Your new mailbox will be available for you to use on Monday, May 9. The old voice mail system will continue to work as usual up to the weekend of May 7-8, but during this weekend your new messages will begin to be sent to the new system. On Monday, May 9, you may want to check the old voice mail system for any new messages that may have come in during the switch from the old system to the new system.

Starting May 9, you should dial 265-5500 (or 5-5500) to access the new system, and stop using the old system.

If you are not a current UW-Madison voice mail user, but want to learn more, please contact the person in your department who is authorized to make telephone changes. You can find out who this is by using the Voice Services Authorized User Lookup tool.

General voice mail information is available on the DoIT Voice Services website here. Technical support information is available by
searching on “voice mail” on the University of Wisconsin KnowledgeBase, located here.

DoIT Voice Services