LSC student’s eco-inspirational documentary earns $30,000 grand prize

LSC Ph.D. student, Tim Tynan developed a science documentary with eighth grade students from St. James School in Madison. The project had been selected to receive a $30,000 grand prize.

Tynan was asked by Ms. Pignotti , a St. James School elementary teacher, to help her make a documentary with her students who had already won $10,000 from Lexus and Scholastic for an eco-challenge in which they raised enough money to buy and install a solar panel for their school. As part of the prize they were eligible to compete for an additional $30,000 if they demonstrated a way to use their own success to “inspire action around the world”. To win, they had to show they had learned how to make a difference for the environment and demonstrate that it could be done elsewhere with just a little push. The girls have already been featured in local and national news outlets before winning. Go here to read more and see the video.

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