$5K and $10K scholarships available for meat science students

The MISA Foundation Scholarship Fund was established in March of 1989 by the Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance (MISA). The purpose of the scholarship program is to channel funds to qualified students expressing an interest in the meat industry. The MISA Foundation offers (3) $5,000 scholarships, and the Foundation and SIEMENS, together, will contribute $5,000 each to create one additional $10,000 scholarship that junior and senior level, as well as graduate students, will be eligible for.

Below are the criteria for the (3) $5,000 scholarships. We ask that each university send us their THREE best candidates for this scholarship.

1) Candidates must be at least sophomore level undergraduate students in the meat sciences.
2) Candidates must have at least a 2.5 GPA.
3) U.S. or Canadian citizenship.

Below are the criteria for the $10,000 scholarship. We will be accepting all interested and eligible applicants at this time.

1) Candidates must be junior or senior level undergraduate students or Masters Ph. D candidates in the meat sciences.
2) Candidates must be students of a North American University.
3) U.S. or Canadian citizenship.

Each student should complete the scholarship application<> and return with a copy of his/her resume. Please also include a letter from the head of the department regarding the student’s use of the scholarship and his/her career intentions.

Should you or any of your students have questions, please contact me at 703-663-1218 or email Thank you and I look forward to receiving your choices for the MISA Foundation Scholarships by the deadline of June 1, 2011.

Best regards,

Alex Silva