Best of the Wurst: Sausage Production

The Badger Meat Science Club will be hosting their next “Meet at the Meat Lab” events on April 18th and May 4th. The April 18th event will be “The Best of the Wurst: Sausage Production,” and the May 4th event will be “Pork Chop: Pork Carcass Anatomy.” The event is geared to the general public. All students and staff are welcome.

Information covered during the “Best of the Wurst” will include the basics of both fresh and smoked sausage production, and hands-on manufacture of sausage. During “Pork Chop” the club will demonstrate the cutting of a pork carcass to show where the popular meat cuts are located, as well as the muscles comprising these cuts. The registration fee is $25 for “Best of the Wurst” and $20 for “Pork Chop” and both courses include sample products to take home. If interested in participating, please email the club at