Same address, new CALS website

Most people don’t need most of what’s available on a typical website, and until this week, that was the case with what you’d find at, says CALS web developer Vidal Quevedo,.

This week it’s different. As of this week everything previously available at that address—structure, content and navigation—has been replaced. A key goal, says Quevedo, was to simply make the site more useful. “Eighty percent of the users are only interested in about 20 percent of the information available on a typical website,” he says. His job was to identify what was most sought-after and make it easier for users to get to that info.

Another goal was to focus on telling stories that reinforce the college’s brand, featuring teams of creative people engaged in innovative, world-class research and teaching that addresses the world’s most important challenges and opportunities. To that end the new site aggregates information from the college’s various news delivery tools—Grow magazine, CALS News and eCALS, and the college’s Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the campus news pages and events calendar.

Now it’s your turn. We want to know what does and doesn’t work for you on the new site. Please send your comments to