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Please join us for the 2011 Teaching and Learning Symposium, titled “Learning → Doing → Being,” on May 25-26, 2011, Pyle Center.

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This annual Teaching and Learning Symposium provides an opportunity for all of us in the teaching and learning community to share best practices, celebrate accomplishments, and discuss new learning & teaching practices and theories in a forum dedicated to enriching the UW-Madison learning experience.

Despite our best intentions to improve the work we do as educators, a number of challenges can stand in our way:  it can be difficult to identify promising practices from what might be fads, there isn’t enough time – or resources – to experiment with new methods, students can be resistant to approaches that break from traditional models of instruction, and it can be difficult to determine whether our teaching is having the impact we hope it does.

This years Teaching and Learning Symposium, “Learning → Doing → Being” will focus on sharing ideas, practices and initiatives that aim to transform students through their educational experiences, that acknowledge an increasingly connected and fiscally challenged world, and that recognize that good and bad information is at our students’ fingertips, often just a text message away.  Join UW colleagues in sharing how to make teaching go farther and create an impact on student learning that will last.

For additional information, contact Mo Noonan Bischof, 262-5246 or at <>

We are especially grateful for the following co-sponsors of the 2011 Teaching & Learning Symposium: the Office of the Provost; Center for the First-Year Experience; College of Letters and Science; Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning; Division of International Studies; DoIT Academic Technology; Office of Human Resource Development; Institute for Biology Education; UW-Madison Libraries; Morgridge Center for Public Service; School of Nursing; Teaching Academy; University Communications; and University Health Services.