CALS at Science Expeditions: Dueling Peeps and much more

Just in time for Easter, the CALS Food Science Club will be cranking up the microwave to unravel the mystery of expanding Peeps at their Exploration Station during the 2011 Science Expeditions, Saturday, April 2.

Here’s a descriptor of what the foodies have on tap:

Demonstrate the Ideal Gas Law with Peeps – watch them expand to several times their normal size by changing pressure and temperature. Then, two Peeps face off in the microwave to see which one “pops” first.

Featured at other CALS stations at the event: The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, the Insect Ambassadors, the science of turf grass, the wonders of insect pollinators, how cows’ diets affect cheese and butter flavor, DNA extraction from wheat germ, and tips on how to identify wild animals by their pelts and how to tell one mutant worm from another.

Take the trolly and visit D.C. Smith Greenhouse and enjoy an ice cream cone at the Babcock Dairy Store while you’re at it.

Science Expeditions is open to the public and is hosted this year in the new Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, 1300 University Avenue and is regarded as one of the top science education values for people of all ages.