Nominations open for student services staff awards

In appreciation for and recognition of student services professionals, the Student Personnel Association is accepting nominations for the awards described below. The SPA awards provide an opportunity to express our gratitude to individuals who have demonstrated dedication to students and student services. SPA believes in the value of all UW employees. We support, encourage and invite you to nominate a colleague.

Classified staff, academic staff, and/or faculty may be nominated for any of the awards, with the exception of the Frontline Award, which is reserved for classified staff. The awards process can only take place if you take the time to nominate deserving individuals. All monetary awards are pre-tax totals.

Chancellor’s Award. This award is made possible by the Office of the Chancellor. Nominees should be recognized throughout campus as leaders in providing distinguished service to the university community and student services. They should show a record of excellence in their own areas, as well as distinctive contributions to the university as a whole (for example, committee work or volunteer work beyond the scope of their offices). Nominees should have been on staff at the University of Wisconsin-Madison a minimum of 15 years. Professional involvement and recognition in professional organizations outside the campus are factors for nominees. Nominees for this award are recognized for distinctive contributions in all aspects of their professional and personal lives. The amount of the award is $1000.

Norman Bassett Awards For Outstanding Achievement in Student Services. The Norman Bassett Foundation makes it possible for us to offer two awards for outstanding achievement in student services. In acknowledgement of the generous support of the foundation, these awards are named after Norman Bassett. Nominees should be able to show a record of excellence in student personnel work over a long period of time (minimum of 10 years on the UW-Madison campus recommended), and/or distinguished achievement in developing new, creative and effective programs for meeting student needs. Candidates that meet both criteria will be considered more favorably. The amount of each award is $500.

Award For Excellence in Student Affairs. This award is made possible by the Office of the Dean of Students. Nominees for this award will be evaluated on effective qualities and practices that distinguish the nominee as a leader in Student Affairs. A minimum of 5 years on the UW-Madison campus is recommended. Evidence may include, but is not limited to, strong interpersonal skills, availability to constituents, frequency of contact with colleagues and students, activities appropriate to the integration of students and staff, positive attitude and collaborative effort which contributes to student affairs environment (students and colleagues), behavior which builds strong relationships, mastery of institutional regulations, policies and procedures, attendance at and support of student affairs development programs. The amount of the award is $500.

Leadership in Social Justice Award. This award is made possible by the Offices of the Dean of Students. This recognition will be given to an individual who has demonstrated leadership and courage while initiating, creating and supporting a more socially-just learning and work environment for students and staff, whether within or beyond the scope of current position. Examples of such work include: ensuring inclusive and respectful environments for all people, making others aware of injustices, and advocating on a continuous basis for institutional efforts to address social injustices. The individual should have a clear record of fostering an open, positive, and inclusive campus community. Moreover, the recipient of the award should demonstrate a sense of commitment, spirit, and integrity to social justice both professionally and personally. The amount of the award is $500.

SPA Frontline Award. The SPA Frontline Award recognizes a classified staff member who positively influences students’ perceptions of the university. Nominees should have demonstrated commitment to serving students on a day-in and day-out basis in a professional and caring manner. The recipient is either the first person a student meets in offices, or a person who works “behind the scenes” in the successful operation of a program or unit. The amount of the award is $500.

SPA Campus Impact Award. The SPA Campus Impact Award is intended to recognize a new professional who has been in her/his current position on campus for less than 5 years, but in that time has had a significant impact on campus. Nominees should have demonstrated a record of excellence in student personnel or have developed new, creative and effective programs for addressing student needs. The amount of the award is $500.