If you’re involved in diversity outreach, or are willing to be, please contact Tom Browne

CALS Undergraduate Programs and Services has been engaged in reaching out to communities and programs that serve students and families from traditionally underserved populations through a number of initiatives, including student visit days, participation in college fairs and events, and distribution of publications.

We invite you to participate in a couple of specific activities, and are interested in cataloging involvement many of you are already engaged and we do not know about. We would like your response in three areas:

1. Would you be interested in providing an internship experience for a high school student involved in summer enrichment programs administered by the university? An example of this is the CALS collaboration with the PEOPLE Program, in which we have provided 6 weeks of internship experiences for PEOPLE students interested in our programs (please refer to Mentoring Opportunities at this link.
2. If providing internship experiences is not feasible, but you are interested in working with the high school, middle school, or elementary school age populations, would you be available for contact to host student tours and workshops for one day visits, or to accompany us on a college fair or school visit?
3. Are you already engaged in outreach and service to prospective student populations, especially ones that reach underrepresented populations? Does your program already have a program of outreach in place? We would like to know details of all of those opportunities so we are not duplicating efforts, and can support the work you are already doing.

If any of these areas fit, please contact Assistant Dean Tom Browne in Undergraduate Programs and Services at