Updates from NIH: New Grants Policy Statement

The NIH Grants Policy Statement (NIH GPS) is a single document that contains all the policy information that applies to NIH grants and cooperative agreements. The revised version is now available, and is in effect for awards issues with budget period start dates on or after October 1, 2010. Highlights of the revised version include that it:

  • Incorporates all the policy changes that NIH has implemented through NIH Guide Notices since the 12/2003 version was published;
  • Includes policy clarifications, public policy requirement changes, and terminology changes;
  • Includes new chapters on multiple PD/PI and career development awards; and,
  • Includes a robust chapter and section/subsection numbering system throughout and reflects reorganization of some sections to improve usability.

The new GPS is available at

Other updates from NIH include:

  • Fellowship Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA’s) with due dates after January 7, 2011 will be expired as of January 8, 2011 and reissued in order to include language that matches the Adobe B1 application form requirements. This includes the five NIH F Parent Announcements. The current FOA’s will be active for the December 8, 2010 deadline. See for additional details on the affected FOA’s.
  • NOT-OD-11-015 was issued regarding non-competing grant awards under the current continuing resolution. According to the Notice, NIH will issue non-competing research grant awards at a lower level than what was indicated in the most recent Notice of Award. NIH will consider adjustments up to the original levels after the final appropriation is enacted, but it is expected that institutions will monitor expenditures carefully in the interim. Award amounts are anticipated to be generally up to 90% of the previously committed level.  See for the full text of the Notice.