ECRT sytem upgrade to take effect Nov. 1

The ECRT Upgrade is to take effort November 1st. The system has many new features, most which have been developed specifically to make the certification process easier for you. Below is a list of the new features.

Improvements to the Effort Statement:
Inclusion of Commitment Date– A commitment column has been added to the effort statement to help you understand how much effort you have committed to a project over a period of performance. There are a number of new reports that your Effort Coordinators will be using to monitor your commitments.

Updates to the Header Information:
The header information now included the Period of Performance dates, as well as the Due Date of your certification statement. There is a status bar at the top of the screen for you to ensure that you have completed both steps of certification: Certifying the Statement and Agreeing to the Attestation Statement. There will also be a “hover over” window appearing when you scroll over a project that will display the PI’s name and contact information.

Certify My Research Staff Group View:
The Certify My Research Staff Group- This page allows you to certify for up to 10 staff at one time. When you are finished certifying you all of your staff, a message is provided to clearly communicate that all of your certification responsibilities are complete.

List of Processors and Certifiers:
At the bottom of the statement, there is an expandable list that displays the Effort Coordinator who will process the effort statement. The list of Certifiers includes anyone who is a PI or Designee for an account on that statement.

Below are links for training materials:

ECRT Upgrade Flyer:

Quick Start Guide:

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