New CIAS reports available: regional food systems, farm-to-school projects

New reports are available on the CIAS website at Follow the links below to learn more.

CIAS is a partner in the Driftless Region Food and Farm Project, a coalition of farmers, consumers, institutions, agencies and organizations. Together, we aspire to meet the growing demand for local food by scaling up the production, aggregation, processing, distribution and marketing of food in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. A project overview is available:

The Driftless Region Food and Farm Project: Building a Robust, Regional Food System in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin

From farmers’ markets to supermarkets, there is a spectrum of relationships between consumers and the businesses that grow, process, distribute and market their food. Between backyard gardening and multinational food conglomerates, there are diverse food businesses that cultivate a variety of relationships with their customers and partners along the supply chain. In order to better understand production and consumption relationships across the food system, researchers in Wisconsin developed the Tiers of the Food System framework identifying five different levels of relationships between food producers and consumers. See more about the tiers framework:

Tiers of the Food System: A new way of thinking about local and regional food

CIAS has been working on getting local, healthy food into schools since 2002. You can read more about our current farm to school projects:

Farm to School Projects at CIAS

For more information, contact:

Ruth McNair
UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
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