Plan for the next flu epidemic: Prepare to deliver “essential” courses online

Note: What follows is excerpted from a memo on Fall Semester 2010 Continuity of Instruction sent on August 27 by the Office of the Registrar – Curricular Services. For complete information download the memo  or follow the links below.

The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the H1N1 pandemic officially over on August 9, 2010.  The diligence of all members of the UW community to limit the spread of H1N1 should be commended. However, as part of the University’s ongoing emergency planning and management, we are asking departments to plan for the potential of future pandemic influenza outbreaks.

Please continue to determine essential courses, prepare them for social distance teaching, and to identify these courses through updates in Integrated Student Information System (ISIS).  Review the instructions below, and ensure that updates for your department are completed by October 1, 2010.

Coding essential and social distance ready courses in ISIS

Departmental pandemic coordinators and curricular representatives will work together to manage essential course identification and coding in their department using the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) class attribute.  The basic outline of this process is as follows:

1)     The pandemic coordinator works with their department chair and others in the department to review and edit the Essential and Social Distance Course Offering Report (see below) and gives it to the curricular representative.

2)     The curricular representative uses the report to update essential course data in ISIS or sends updates to Curricular Services, as appropriate.  Instructions for coding this information in ISIS are available in these instructional materials.

3)     The curricular representative maintains codes and updates to Social Distance “Ready” courses as they are prepared.

Essential and Social-Distance-Ready Course Offering Report

We have prepared a report for you to use in reviewing your fall 2010 schedule of classes to determine essential and social distance ready course offerings.  Courses that are coded at the course catalog to always be considered essential are displayed in this report.  Section-level coding is also reflected.  You should identify additional courses that are essential to teach during a pandemic event.  Please also identify courses that are ready to be taught in a social distance mode (this could include courses taught via the web, etc.).  Note that the report provides information about group instruction courses and does not list independent studies courses.  For help in determining what an essential course and/or social distance ready course is, please go to the 2009 Academic Planning Pandemic memo.

The report includes results for all departments.  Users can “filter” the course list by clicking on the column headers. For example, to view a department’s listings, click on the “Subject” column.  This report is available here: Essential and Social Distance Course Offering Report