Biosciences Opportunities Preview Weekend – Oct. 21-24

Recruiting diverse students to our graduate programs is an important charge for the University of Wisconsin. To this end, several biological science graduate programs across multiple colleges and divisions are collaborating to offer a “preview” weekend to targeted undergraduate seniors and recent graduates in fall 2010.

The sponsoring programs are:

  • Biophysics Graduate Degree Program
  • Cellular & Molecular Biology Graduate Program
  • Genetics Graduate Training Program
  • Integrated Program in Biochemistry
  • Microbiology Doctoral Training Program
  • Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Program
  • Neuroscience Training Program

We anticipate that this will become an annual recruiting event.

More information about the program and application process can be found here:  Go here to download the program flier, which has been distributed across the country.

We believe that a community effort requiring the pooling of resources is an effective and appropriate path to take, and that this effort is likely to produce positive outcomes in the future for all of the participating programs.

In the weekend schedule, there are several times identified for non-sponsoring programs to interact with the BOPs students. If you are interested please contact Jean Petersen (  for information.

Sincerely yours,

Katherine Rankin:  Biophysics Graduate Degree Program
Michelle Holland, Tanya Cobb: Cellular & Molecular Biology Graduate Program
Jean Petersen: Genetics Graduate Training Program
Elyse Meuer, Kedren Ekelin: Integrated Program in Biochemistry
Cathy Davis Gray: Microbiology Doctoral Training Program
Eileen Stevens, Barbara Lewis: Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Program
Jenny Dahlberg, Jessica Karis:  Neuroscience Training Program