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Important information for NIH PI’s regarding supplementary material

This email is being sent to all Applicants and Principal Investigators who has an application assigned to the NIH January 2011 Council and will be reviewed by IHD on October 14-15, 2010.  This practice is to give fairer and more consistent treatment to all applicants.


Materials must be submitted by the Institutional Designated Signing Officer, not the PI.

SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL (electronic only up to 2 pages): If you would like to send supplemental information, (PHS-398 format) you can do so electronically, but ONLY ONCE and it must be submitted by the Institutional Designated Signing Officer (the Applicant) and not by the Principal Investigator. Material submitted by a Principal Investigator will be disregarded!

The Applicant should send the supplemental material (up to TWO pages for a RO1, but only  ONE page for a R21 or RO3) as an email attachment file (PDF) to me.  The Subject line should be: the last name of the Principal Investigator, the application number, supplement. For example: Doe 1RO1AI012345-01 Supplement.

Label the attachment with the last name of the Principal Investigator, the application number, and the nature of the material, for example:

DOE_1RO1AI012345-01_suppl.pdf for supplemental material. The new material including figures, tables and graphs must be limited to 2 pages (PHS-398 format) for RO1. For applications with research plans of less than 12 pages (i.e., RO3 and R21), the limit is ONE page!! I will reject any supplemental material that contains more than the page limits. Missing elements such as letter of support and correction of typographic errors in the text also can be submitted as separate attachments and are not counted as supplemental material. They should be labeled as DOE_1RO1AI012345-01_ amend.pdf for corrections to the original text, or DOE_1RO1AI012345-01_ append.pdf. for newly accepted manuscript (up to a total of 3 manuscripts including those originally submitted with the application). If more than one appendix is being submitted, label as _append1.pdf and _append2.pdf, accordingly. NIH has set a policy of THIRTY (30) days before the SRG review meeting date as the deadline for the submission of supplemental materials.


Make sure that that the subject line and the attachment(s) are labeled correctly as instructed above.

WHEN WILL SCORES BE AVAILABLE? Scores are normally entered into the NIH computer system within three working days after the SRG meeting and will then be available to your Institute Program Officer.  You also can read your own score on the NIH eRACommons web page.

NIH policy dictates that I cannot give out your score; please do not call me for this information.

WHEN WILL SUMMARY STATEMENTS BE AVAILABLE? Summary statements will be available 30 days after the Study Section Meeting.  The Summary Statements will be available on the NIH eRA Commons web page.  It is NIH policy that summary statements are prepared in priority score order – best scores first. After the Summary Statement release, contact your Program Officer if you have any question.