Ag Hall art – Help decide next year’s display

CALS has once again partnered with the Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP) to supply the art work for display in the Ag Hall foyer. WRAP was established in 1940 to provide statewide art workshops and exhibits for nonprofessional artists. Starting this week until September 25th, WRAP art will be on display in the Pyle Center (first, second and third floors). We are asking the CALS community for assistance in helping to determine what six pieces should be chosen for next year’s display. If you have the time (and of course the approval from your supervisor), use this rating sheet to indicate your preferences. The rating sheet includes those pieces that meet the minimum size requirements for display. Although art preferences are highly subjective, please consider how you think each piece will display in a large foyer.

Please drop-off, e-mail or campus-mail the rating sheet to Jeremy Traska (, 140 Ag Hall) by September 7th.