Wanted: Recollections of the Sterling Hall bombing

On August 23 Wisconsin Story Project will install the Wisconsin Storybooth in Memorial Library on the UW‐Madison campus to collect personal recollections of the Sterling Hall bombing. A joint project of Wisconsin Story Project and the UW‐Madison Oral History Program (a part of the UW—Madison Libraries), the booth will be a chance to collect short recollections of those who experienced life in Madison on August 24, 1970 for inclusion in the UW—Madison Archives (a UW—Madison member library) and as research for WSP’s next documentary theater project which will be based on the Sterling Hall event and the era of protest in Madison that preceded it.

The booth will be in the Memorial Library through August 29 and open to the public. Representatives of both the UW‐Madison Oral History Program and Wisconsin Story Project will be on hand to assist community members with sharing and recording their stories.

About UW‐Madison Libraries & its Oral History Program
The UW—Madison Libraries’ staff and resources are vital to the teaching, learning, and research and outreach mission of the state’s flagship university. The campus oral history program aligns with the libraries’ vision by gathering, preserving, and providing access to audio recordings, transcripts, and other related material to people both on and off campus. The program also works with individuals and groups throughout Wisconsin to assist in the oral history interviews and projects.

About Wisconsin Story Project
Founded in 2008 by Talish Barrow, Mike Lawler, and Christina Martin‐Wright, Wisconsin Story Project is a non profit artist collective dedicated to the gathering and creative sharing of stories from Wisconsin. WSP recently staged its first full theatrical production, Cancer Stories, in The Playhouse at the Overture Center. It hosts monthly Storyshares, live storytelling events, at The Project Lodge in Madison, and also produces a semi‐regular podcast called the Wisconsin Storycast, available on iTunes or at

About the Storybooth
Built with the generous support of the Spring Green Area Arts Coalition and American Players Theatre, the Wisconsin Storybooth debuted as part of an art installation called Cancer Stories…Art in the Playhouse Gallery of the Overture Center in May 2010. It will next be used at the annual event for the charity organization 4PeteSake in Spring Green, Wisconsin, and then be used to collect local memories of the Sterling Hall bombing of 1970 during the fortieth anniversary of the event.