Webcams offer a new angle on campus

Tired of your view of campus? Don’t have a view of campus? Maybe it’s time to go find one online. There are plenty of webcams on campus, including on the CALS campus.

Want a view of the lake? The Department of Soil Science has a pretty nice one and they’re happy to share it. Or maybe you prefer this view from the terrace, courtesy of Memorial Union.

Like to watch construction? Plenty of that on campus, and plenty of spots for virtual sidewalk superintendents to do their stuff. You can watch progress of the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery from the northwest or the southeast. Check out Union South construction here and here. There’s not a dedicated construction cam for the biochemistry project, but you can get a pretty good view from across Univ. Ave. courtesy of the College of Engineering’s Fountaincam. And if you’re anywhere near Observatory Hill and wondering why there’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on, you can find out by surfing to a virtual view of the School of Human Ecology construction.