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Federal funding opportunities for May 28th

Dept of Education-IES
Research and Training Grant Programs

Defense Production Act Title III, Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Transceiver Production Project

Injured Wildlife Research and Rescue, San Diego Navy Lands, San Diego, CA

DOD Peer Reviewed Cancer Idea Award

DOD Peer Reviewed Cancer Translational New Investigator Award

Midsize Turbine Development Projects

Solid-State Lighting Core Technologies, Round 7

Genomic Science and Technology for Energy and the Environment

Floristic Inventory in Montana

Mill Creek Riparian Assessment

Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science

NIGMS National Centers for Systems Biology (P50)

Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Development Program

Advances in Biological Informatics

Research Coordination Networks

Rangeland Research Program

Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program

Biomass Research and Development Initiative Competitive Grants Program

Organic Transitions Program (ORG)

Connecticut Conservation Innovation Grants 2010