PEOPLE program seeks researchers to provide summer lab or field experiences

In an effort to create earlier engagement of targeted minority students into areas of research and inquiry, CALS Undergraduate Programs and Services is working with the PEOPLE Program to create summer research experiences for students who are entering their final year of the pre-college component of PEOPLE. The PEOPLE Program is the pre-eminent diversity recruitment program on the UW-Madison campus, serving over 1,300 students from targeted populations around the state.

We are seeking faculty, staff and graduate students who are willing to provide space and an opportunity for students in this program to experience lab or field research. We are looking for mentors willing to provide an experience that allows the students hands-on training in the research and structure of the lab (at a level suitable for a high school student). The idea is that they walk away with a sense of the research goals of the lab, and an opportunity to be involved with the work in some capacity. The students will attend a class in the morning taught by a CALS Graduate Student that gives them an overview of programs and opportunities in CALS, and will instruct them into doing research presentations. They would then attend their internships led by you in the afternoon between 1-4PM.

The program begins on Wednesday, June 23, and ends Thursday, July 29. The students would report every day, Monday through Friday, during this time, with the exception of a couple of pre-scheduled activities they will be doing, which we will let you know about ahead of time. The students receive a stipend from the PEOPLE Program at the end of their successful completion of their internship, so we usually do not have a problem with motivated students in the lab.

If you are interested in providing a summer research experience, please contact Tom Browne in CALS Undergraduate Programs and Services at To learn more about the PEOPLE Program, please visit their site at