Dietram Scheufele will be a Fellow at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center

Dietram Scheufele, Professor of Life Sciences Communication, will head to Harvard this fall as a Fellow at the Shorenstein Center for the Press, part of the Kennedy School of Government. He’ll be in pretty distinguished company; His fellow Fellows will include Charlie Gibson (former anchor for ABC News), Tracy Kidder (Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Soul of a New Machine and other non-fiction books), Karen Rothmyer (former managing editor of The Nation and now a freelance journalist in Kenya), and Clay Shirky (new media specialist at New York University). The mission of the Fellowship Program is to advance research in the field of media, politics and public policy; provide an opportunity for reflection; and facilitate a dialogue among scholars, journalists and policymakers. Scheufele’s project will deal with communicating about emerging technologies in an age of controversy.