CALS in the News; April 26-30, 2010

News Items

International Desalination Association announces members of Environmental Task Force and dates for Environmental Symposium
Earth Times 4/24/10
Mentioned: Shawki Barghouti MS’69 Agricultural Journalism,1264742.shtml

Dairyline: March milk production creeps upward
Capital Press 4/25/10
Quoted: Brian Gould, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Professor critiques seed patent policy
The Badger Herald 4/25/10
Mentioned: Day on Campus: Food Summit

The Search for Genes Leads to Unexpected Places
New York Times 4/26/10
Mentioned: Sean Carroll, Genetics

UW Dairy Science Department to Hold 2010 Golf Classic
Wisconsin Agriculturist 4/26/10
Mentioned: UW-Madison Dairy Science Department

AWA Awards 10 Scholarships totaling $6,000
Wisconsin Agriculturist 4/27/10
Mentioned: UW-Madison Association for Women in Agriculture Chapter

Youths Invited to enter safety video contest; $1,750 in prize money for groups
Pierce County Herald 4/27/10
Mentioned: UW Center for Agricultural Safety and Health

UW cafeterias aim to serve more fresh, local food
The Daily Cardinal 4/27/10
Mentioned: Slow Food UW
Mentioned: West Madison Agricultural Station

AWA Honors Several Women in Agriculture at Annual Banquet
Wisconsin Agriculturist 4/28/10
Mentioned: Marjorie Stieve

Milk Prices Could Strengthen Later in the Year
Agri-View 4/28/10
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Dairy Science Golf Classic May 19
Agri-View 4/28/10
Mentioned: UW-Madison Dairy Science Department

Nominations Sought for UW-Madison CALS Alumni Honors
Agri-View 4/28/10
Mentioned: UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Farm Tech Days Committee Holding Safety Video Contest
Wisconsin Ag Connection 4/28/10
Mentioned: University of Wisconsin Center for Agricultural Safety and Health

Cullen Receives 2010 Pound Extension Award
Wisconsin Ag Connection 4/29/10
Mentioned: Eileen Cullen, Entomology

UW-Madison hires Cornell expert as new Dairy Policy Director
Wisconsin Ag Connection 4/30/10
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, incoming director of dairy policy
Quoted: Irwin Goldman, CALS interim Dean

Of Interest

Monsanto, DuPont Race to Win $2.7 Billion Drought-Corn Market 4/21/2010

Swiss Bankers Should Look to Cheese Exports for Answer to Model
Bloomberg 4/23/2010
Mentioned: Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association

Selling Agriculture 2.0 to Silicon Valley
New York Times 4/21/10

Rare Flower – “Corpse Flower” – Set to Bloom
Newswise 4/26/10