Federal funding opportunities for April 23

Development and Application of a Supra-Thermal Particle Detector

Basic Research Challenge Program

The Acquisition Research Program

Call 001 Development and Application of a Heliospheric Imaging Mission

Active Transfer Learning

Preliminary Engineering, Design and Construction of Road Restoration and Shoreline Stabilization

Photovoltaic (PV) Manufacturing Initiative

High Impact Supply Chain R&D for PV Technologies and Systems

Office of Fossil Energy FY2010 Energy and Water Appropriations Act R&D Projects

Coal Utilization Science: Advanced Research for Fossil Energy Power Systems

Smart Grid Research, Development, and Demonstration

Weatherization Innovation Pilot Program

Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative

New Mexico Landscapes Restoration Stewardship Project

BLM WY Improving Sagebrush Reclamation in Bentonite Mining Areas of the Bighorn Basis

State of Nevada Urban Lot Fuel Reduction-Sensitive Areas Stream Environment Zones

Van Sickle Phase II Fuels Reduction SNPLMA

New Mexico Challenge Cost Share Program for FY 2010

Partnership for the National Trails System

Computational Toxicology: Biologically-Based Multi-Scale Modeling

Senegal: Community Service Learning

Kevin Rim Excavation Study in Montana

Food Safety and Security Monitoring Project (U18), FERN Chemical Laboratories

Food Safety and Security Monitoring Project (U18), FERN Radiological Health Laboratories

National Cancer Institute Cancer Education and Career Development Program (R25)

The NEI Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Program Award (K12)

International Neuroscience Fellowship (F05)

AHRQ Small Research Grant Program (R03)

Academic-Industrial Partnerships for Translation of in vivo Imaging Systems for Cancer Investigations (R01)

Earth Sciences: Instrumentation and Facilities

International Research and Education: Planning Visits and Workshops

Fostering Interdisciplinary Research on Education (FIRE)

CubeSat-based Science Missions for Space Weather and Atmospheric Research

Surpassing Evolution: Transformative Approaches to Enhance the Efficiency of Photosynthesis

Women and Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Fields Program

Conservation Innovation Grants-FY 2010 North Carolina State Component

Wetlands Reserve Program Restoration Assistance

Illinois Component Conservation Innovation Grants