Federal funding opportunities for April 16th

Lab Based Influenza Surveillance/Food Vulnerability Assessments

Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis Therapeutic Idea Award

Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis Therapeutic Development Award

FY10 Breast Cancer Research Program

Computational Capabilities to Develop Materials For Advanced Fossil Energy Power Systems

Fiscal Yr 10 Endangered Species Candidate Conservation Action Funds

NAWCA Mexican Standard Grants

Recovery Act-Yaquina Head Outstand Natural Area Wayside Exhibits

Economic Analysis for a Dedicated California Aquatic Invasive Species Rapid Response Fund

Recovery Act-BLM or WA Blue Poker Biomass Stewardship Project

FY 2010 Recovery Implementation Fund

Watershed Restoration Projects, Coos Bay, Oregon

2010 Northeast Indiana Community Environmental Health Initiative Asthma/Environmental Tobacco Smoke/Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools: Community-Based Projects

Strategic Agricultural Initiative Grant Program FY 2010

International Neuroscience Fellowship (F05)

Bioengineering Nanotechnology Initiative (STTR [R41/R42]) and SBIR [R42/R44])

Identification and Characterization of Molecular Targets within the mTOR Pathway with Potential to Impact Healthspan and Lifespan (R21)

Opportunities for Promoting Understanding through Synthesis

Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation

Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR)

Math and Science Partnership

Macrosystems Biology

Long Term Research in Environmental Biology

USDA-National Resource Conservation Service

Conservation Innovation Grants-Oregon 2010