Share your sustainability ideas and efforts at April 27 campus-wide retreat

Please join us at a campus-wide Sustainability Retreat on April 27th (8am-12pm, Great Hall, Memorial Union) to help UW-Madison prepare for a sustainable future. Your participation is needed to craft a vision for the campus as well as to join working groups that will establish projects and practices to take us forward.

Earlier this semester Provost Paul DeLuca and Vice Chancellor of Administration Darrell Bazell charged a new campus wide Sustainability Task Force with building a foundation for an effective sustainability effort at UW-Madison.  The Task Force includes representatives from campus administration, operations, faculty, and the student body.  The primary goals of our Task Force are to:

create an inventory of current sustainability efforts on campus,

  • develop an inventory system that can be updated and that fosters cross-campus connection and collaboration,
  • learn about efforts at other institutions and leverage good ideas and partnerships
  • develop a vision for UW-Madison’s sustainability efforts that brings coordination and alignment across education, research, and operations to address best institutional practices and advance major research initiatives, and
  • identify key actions for attaining that vision.

To date we have developed an inventory of best practices at other institutions, and have begun to build  an inventory of current initiatives at UW that are poised to advance an integrated approach to sustainability on campus. We are now looking for broad participation across campus among students, faculty, and staff to help build a creative vision and structure in addressing sustainability goals in energy, food, health, transportation, the natural and built environment, and materials/consumption that integrate teaching, learning, and operations. We welcome your involvement.

Go here to register (it’s free) for the Sustainability Retreat

Gregg Mitman
Interim Director, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Chair, UW-Madison Sustainability Task Force