Hort students look to be real career climbers

Were you worried about the fate of the stately swamp white oak on the lawn of the Microbial Sciences Building. You might have been if you were walking near it last Thursday, April 9. Hefty ropes were dangling from the branches, and dangling from those ropes were a number of people sporting the kind of safety gear that you usually associate with chain saws, chippers and bucket trucks. But if you watched a bit, you probably figured out that the tree was in the best of professional hands. It was an outdoor lab for Horticulture 375, Arboriculture and Landscape Maintenance, in which students were learning how to climb with an eye toward protecting themselves and the tree. Associate professor Laura Jull teaches the class; the lab was taught by local arborists.

For more about the lab, including video, see this media coverage.