Advice from DoIT: Don’t click that tempting link. Leave your birthday off Facebook

From DoIT’s Tech News:

We all receive seemingly legitimate emails from scammers posing as our financial institutions, our university and our friends. Don’t fall for it! Scammers take great measures to replicate Web sites, and unfortunately, many UW students have fallen for them. See these articles on data-stealing and phishing for more information.

Don’t think you’ll ever fall for a scam? Scammers are getting savvier and you could be their next victim. Be careful when you make online purchases or click Web links. Here are some tips to avoid financial or identity theft:

  • Don’t post private information on social networking sites. Hackers can use seemingly innocent information like your birth date, mother’s maiden name, and city of birth to steal your money or your identity.
  • Check your credit report annually to make sure no one else has accessed your SSN.
  • Monitor your bank account regularly (weekly at a minimum) to make sure a thief hasn’t stolen your money.
  • Log off and close the browser when you’re finished surfing.
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