James Ntambi to receive WAA Distinguished Teaching Award

Biochemist James Ntambi has been selected to receive a 2010 Distinguished Teaching Award from the Wisconsin Alumni Association. He will receive the award, along with nine other honorees, at a ceremony on April 21.

Ntambi teaches a number of classes for the biochemistry and nutritional sciences departments, helping to run a large intro-to-biochem course and leading an advanced seminar in nutrition and metabolism.

Since the fall of 2002, he has also led an extraordinary program for undergraduates, taking students to Uganda to learn about nutrition and to put what they learn into practice–an experience that brings new meaning to their education. The program combines a semester-long course with a three-week field experience in Uganda. During the course, students learn about Uganda’s particular economics and health issues, so that when they arrive in the country they have a good grasp of the realities faced by Ugandans as they make health and nutrition decisions. Through the program, students come to realize that necessities that many of us take for granted–clean drinking water, food, education, and financial resources–present daily struggles for the majority of Ugandan citizens.

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