Special Construction Notice – SoHE Remodel/Addition Project

The School of Human Ecology (SoHE) remodel and addition project will start construction activities on Monday, March 29th. Although not a CALS project, it will impact several members of the CALS community.

Occupants and visitors of Ag Hall should be aware of the following:

-Lot 27 is closed until the new underground parking structure is available in the summer of 2012. The accessible east entrance will remain open for pedestrians and will be accessible via the route noted below.

-The east sidewalk leading up to Ag Hall is closed.

-The ADA-approved route for Ag Hall starts at the sidewalk at the bottom of the Ag Hall stairs, follows the sidewalk between Ag Hall and MSB, and continues on the sidewalk in front of Ag Hall leading toward the accessible east entrance.

-Delivery vehicles that normally park in Lot 27, will need to unload in Lot 26.

-Demolition of the Pre-School Lab and Human Development and Family Studies house will start in April.

-Expect noisy and dusty conditions on the eastside of Ag Hall.

Anyone with ADA or human resources concerns, contact Tina Gislason at (608) 890-1677 or

For facility related questions, contact Jeremy Traska at (608) 890-2549 or

Click here for a map of the Ag Hall detours. Additional information regarding the SoHE project can be found at