CALS faculty vote to simplify bachelor of science degree requirements

On March 23, the CALS faculty voted in favor of streamlining the college’s Bachelor of Science degree offerings, passing a proposal designed to reduce confusion among students, parents, advisors and employers that hire CALS graduates.

Currently, undergraduates must select their major, as well as one of eight degrees. Four of these are specialized professional degrees that will remain the same. The other four are: Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources; B.S. in Agricultural Sciences; B.S. in International Agriculture and Natural Resources; and B.S. in Natural Science. With the vote, these four degrees will soon be consolidated into a single degree: Bachelor of Science.

CALS undergrads in the revised degree will share a common set of requirements and will benefit from more flexibility in fulfilling those requirements. In addition, instead of needing 124 credits to graduate, they will only need 120, a change that may help many of them graduate a full semester earlier and will bring CALS’ credit requirements in line with most other colleges on campus.

The approved proposal will now be sent to the University Academic Planning Council for informational purposes, the final, small step before implementation can occur.

The last time the CALS faculty came together to make a curriculum change of this magnitude was 1988.

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