Academic staff group will take lunch-hour tour of Botany Greenhouses on April 23

Join your Madison Academic Staff Association colleagues for a guided tour of the Botany Greenhouses and Garden led by Mo Fayyaz, Ph.D., Distinguished Faculty Associate and director of the UW Botanical Garden and Greenhouses.  The tour will begin at noon on Friday, April 23 in the lobby of Birge Hall and will last until 1:00 or a little later.

So eat lunch a little early, or late, and spend your lunch hour touring these greenhouses and gardens with a preeminent botany scholar.  Learn more about the UW-Madison Botanical Garden, the first garden in the world to be based on the modern system of classification of plants, APGII, created in 2003.  See a Wollemi pine, one of the oldest and rarest trees on earth, and learn about the successful propagation of a titan arum, the largest and smelliest of flowers.

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