Electronic submission of Interdepartmental Billing Forms

In order to expedite posting and to limit entry error, please send Inter Departmental Billing Forms via email to CALS Business Services at When naming the Excel spreadsheet, please reference the department being credited and the date submitted to CALS Business Services in the following naming convention: UDDS mm-dd-yy.

For example, if Animal Sciences (UDDS A072700) emails an Inter Departmental Billing Form to our office on March 17, 2010 in order to bill charges for their Poultry Research Lab (UDDS A072777), the file should be named “2777 03-17-10.”

Hard copies are no longer required at the division level; however, the department is responsible for maintaining its own records and supporting documentation as before.

Please contact Susie Juncer with any questions or concerns: or 262-1999.