All CALS faculty urged to attend March 23 vote on new B.S. degree plan

On March 15 the CALS Academic Planning Council voted unanimously to forward the college’s new proposal to restructure the CALS curriculum to the full CALS faculty. The faculty will take up the proposal for discussion and a vote on Tuesday, March 23 at 3 p.m. in the Ebling Symposium Center in the Microbial Sciences Building. If you’re on the faculty, you’re strongly encouraged to attend, whether or not you have a teaching appointment.

Basically, the proposal is to distill four general degrees (Natural Sciences, Natural Resources, Agricultural Sciences, and International Agriculture and Natural Resources) into a single Bachelor of Science degree. The four professional B.S. degrees (Agricultural Business Management, Biological Systems Engineering, Dietetics, and Landscape Architecture) will remain. The Curriculum Committee believes that this change will give students and departments maximum flexibility for creating exciting, rigorous and innovative undergraduate learning opportunities within individual disciplines, while at the same time maintaining a shared educational core.

The discussion and vote are the culmination of nearly two years of college and campus discussion, with tremendous activity occurring in the past several months as ideas have converged. Details of the proposal, including development and benefits of the change, can be found at