2010 Outside Activity Reports required

Every year, faculty and staff members are asked to complete an outside activities report. This report is required under federal and state regulations and University policy. The report identifies outside activities and financial interests related to an individual’s University work.

Federal, State and UW regulations require the following individuals to complete this annual Outside Activity Report whether or not they have any outside activities, outside income or outside ownership interests to report.
1.    Anyone holding a faculty appointment, including those with 0% appointments (Emeriti are also included in this group);
2.    Anyone holding an academic staff appointment of 50% or greater, and;
3.    Anyone who does not fall into the previous two categories but is listed on either a federal grant or a human subjects protocol.
Your departmental chair and/or the appropriate dean or director will review the report. Individual reports remain accessible as open records under the provisions of Wisconsin’s public records law.

The deadline for filing is April 30, 2010.

Please access the following Web page for completing the report:

If you have any questions about this process, a list of school/college/division contacts is available at:

Please take a moment to complete the report now. Doing so will save valuable administrative resources that would be used to locate missing and late reports. We thank each of you for your cooperation in meeting these state and federal requirements for outside activities reporting.

Paul M. DeLuca, Jr.

William Mellon,
Associate Dean for Research Policy,
Graduate School