Use care in taking furlough days before or after paid holidays

Per state statute and System furlough guidelines (see below), employees won’t get paid for a holiday if they are not in pay status the last scheduled work day before OR first scheduled work day after a paid holiday.

Thus, when an employee takes the December 30th mandated furlough day and decides to take Monday, January 4th off, they need to cover this absence with paid leave (vacation, personal holiday, etc.) or they won’t get paid for New Year’s Eve (December 31st) or New Year’s Day (January 1st).

If the employee is eligible for paid legal holidays, this issue applies regardless of the furlough group (classified or unclassified).

Please make sure all employees (classified & unclassified) are aware of this furlough nuance. It would be very unfortunate if an employee was negatively impacted by this situation.

From UW-System Furlough Q&A

B. 14. May I take a furlough day before a paid holiday and after a paid holiday?
Regardless of the furlough implementation methodology – percent salary reduction OR pay decreased as FTO is taken – FTO can be taken on a scheduled workday before the paid holiday OR on a scheduled workday after the paid holiday but NOT both.

From Office of State Employee Relastions Q&A…

B.10. May employees take a furlough day before or after a legal holiday?
Furlough days will be scheduled in accordance with agency furlough plans. Please note that an employee must either work on the holiday or be in pay status the last scheduled work day before or the first scheduled work day after a holiday in order to receive pay for that holiday. The employee does not need to be in pay status for the entire day before or after the holiday in order to qualify for the holiday.

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