Non-federal funding opportunities for Nov. 6

Alzheimer’s Association—Everyday Technologies for Alzheimer Care Research Grants

Alzheimer’s Association—Investigator-Initiated Research Grants

Alzheimer’s Association—New Investigator Research Grants

Alzheimer’s Association—Senator Mark Hatfield Award for Clinical Research in Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Association—Zenith Fellows Award Program

American Academy of Arts of Sciences—Hellman Fellowship in Sciences and Technology Policy

American Association of University Women—Community Action Grants

American Association of University Women—Selected Professions Fellowships

American Diabetes Association—Takeda Pharmaceuticals Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

American Diabetes Association—ASP Young Investigator Innovation Award in Geriatric Endocrinology

American Diabetes Association—Basic Science Award

American Diabetes Association—Career Development Award

American Diabetes Association—Clinical Scholars Award

American Diabetes Association—Clinical Scientist Training Award

American Diabetes Association—Clinical/Translational Award

American Diabetes Association—Distinguished Clinical Scientist Award

American Diabetes Association—Henry Becton Innovation Award

American Diabetes Association—Innovation Award

American Diabetes Association—Junior Faculty Award

American Diabetes Association—Mentor-Based Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship

American Diabetes Association—Mentor-Based Postdoctoral Fellowship

Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund—Fellowships

Conservation Food & Health Foundation—Grants for Developing Countries

Garden Club of America—Scholarships

Goldhirsh Foundation—Brain Tumor Research Awards Program

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation—Guy Bradley Award

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation—Local Initiative Funding Partners 2009

US-Israel Binational Science Foundation—Prof. Rahamimoff Travel Grants Program

UW Madison Graduate School—Ellison Medical Foundation New Scholar Awards

UW Madison Graduate School—Merck Scholars Program

UW Madison Graduate School—Packard Fellowship

UW Madison Graduate School—Shaw Scientist Award

UW Madison/WISELI—Life Cycle Research Grant Professorships