Nominate for Wisconsin Distinguished Professorship program

UW System is inviting nominations system wide for vacancies in the Wisconsin Distinguished Professorship program (WPD) for terms beginning January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2015. Approval of such appointments is subject to a review by outside panelists appointed by UWS and the Board of Regents. All nominations should be submitted electronically to Cynthia Paine at by Wednesday, November 11. Please let Cynthia know as soon as possible if you plan to nominate a candidate.

The guidelines for Wisconsin Distinguished Professor nomination and review, ACPS 3.4, are available for download at and include instructions for developing the portfolio, as well as information on the required match with private monies. The guidelines (particularly sections I.B. and V.A.1&3) make it clear that criteria for a distinguished academic record are driven by institutional research expectations appropriate to the nominee’s campus and provide examples of elements of a distinguished academic record. Please note that we encourage you to consider using this program to help with recruitment of outstanding new faculty as external candidates.

If you or your candidates have any questions about compiling the portfolio or about the program, please contact Carmen Faymonville at 608-262-6831 or

Paul M. DeLuca, Provost