Crossroads of Agriculture, Food, and Health Symposium on Oct. 28

During his recent lecture on campus, author Michael Pollan suggested that the investigative talents of land grant institutions should focus their efforts on finding ways to increase consumption of “real” foods, or what he referred to as “something your grandmother would recognize as food.” In fact, the UW has a long history of research and outreach related to healthy eating. Many other institutions and state agencies.

On Wednesday October 28th, The Wisconsin Prevention of Obesity and Diabetes organization will sponsor a symposium showcasing the active and productive programs currently aimed at increasing human health and well being by increasing access to and consumption of fresh, nutrient-rich foods. The symposium will begin with a keynote address from Dr. Amy Tagtow entitled “Cultivating an Ecological Approach to Food and Health.” It will continue with presentations from university investigators as well as government and private representatives each presenting key portions of their programs. The symposium will finish with a discussion of how individuals may become involved in expanding these programs.

The symposium will be held in the Ebling auditorium of Microbial Sciences, 1550 Linden Dr from 1pm until 5pm on Wednesday October 28, 2009.